Chai Teabag Tin 50tb Teabag Byron Bay Tea Company
Chai Teabag Tin 50tb Teabag Byron Bay Tea Company
Chai Teabag Tin 50tb Teabag Byron Bay Tea Company

Chai Teabag Tin 50tb


Enliven the senses with this exquisite chai blend combining Black tea with traditional Indian spices and some native Australian ingredients. Aniseed Myrtle gives the chai an extra zing and Roasted Wattleseed creates a rich and malty flavour. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the spirit of Byron Bay from your teacup.

Brewing Suggestion:


Other suggestion: Place 1-2 heaped teaspoons of Chai and 1 cup (220 MLS) of water to a saucepan; bring to the boil and then reduce to a low heat for 3-4 minutes. Add milk and bring to the boil once again before adding honey as desired. Strain and serve.

Ingredients: Black tea, Ginger*, Cardamon, Roasted Wattleseed, Cinnamon*, Licorice*, Aniseed Myrtle (*Certified Organic)

The large tin is an attractive and practical way to store and access your Chai teabags. The biodegradable pyramid teabags are packaged in a re-usable bag that can be emptied into the tin once purchased. The tin has a tight seal that helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the pyramid teabags.

Contents- 50 Pyramid Teabags

Over the past several decades, thousands of studies have been published that have identified and quantified many bioactive compounds in the leaves of the tea (Camellia sinensis) plant that are used to make green, black, white and oolong tea.

Some studies have been conducted that reveal the mechanisms of actions by which specific tea compounds may elicit health benefits and show how these diverse elements in tea work synergistically to promote health when consumed as a plant-based beverage. The extensive tea research includes laboratory, animal studies, observational studies of large populations and randomized clinical trials. The benefits of tea are often attributed to the phenolic compounds (some of which act as antioxidants).

Numerous studies with the major catechins in tea, namely epicatechins in green tea and the theaflavins and thearubinigins in black tea, show that these compounds are at least partially digested, create many bioactive metabolites and sometimes pass t hrough the body intact whereby they provide health benefits.

The research suggests that the health benefits of tea are wide ranging and include, but are not limited to the following-:

- General nutrition- significant levels of calcium, zinc, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and folic acid.

- Antioxidant protection- to protect the body against free radical damage.

- Cancer protection

- Weight Loss

- Increasing mental alertness whilst at the same time inducing a sense of calm on the nervous system- contains l-theanine.

- Cardiovascular support.

Chai is made from a black tea base and a delicate blend of spices that have benefits to improve digestion and to stimulate the circulation to peripheral areas- making it great as a warming cuppa for winter.

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Chai Tea Converts a Non-Tea Drinker!!

I have never been a "tea" person- at nearly 40 I just thought it wasn't my thing. BBTC's chai tea changed everything- after trying it at a friend's house I was instantly obsessed! It is a beautiful balance of flavours and provides the perfect pick me up in my morning. I even drink it black with no sugar so I can savour all the subtle flavours. This tea is perfect and a true artisan product. I drink it every morning, thank you for converting this non-tea drinker to a lifelong customer xx