Baby & Me Gift Collection Gifts Byron Bay Tea Company
Baby & Me Gift Collection Gifts Byron Bay Tea Company

Baby & Me Gift Collection

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Loving Harmony

Includes- Nursing, Calming, Digest and Immunity.

Contents- 195g (6.87 Oz)
140 cups, 4 boxes

At BBTC we appreciate that being becoming a Mum can be a huge transition. Why not make it a little smoother by sipping on this selection of BABY & ME teas- to create peace and harmony between you and your baby during this magical time. BABY & ME contains four safe and effective herbal remedies to help support the health and wellbeing of both Mum and baby during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The benefits of some of these herbs can be passed through to the baby via the breast milk or alternatively given in drop doses (5-10 drops twice daily) by cooling the tea and given via a dropper.

Digest- for Mum & Bub
A light, refreshing infusion featuring Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Fennel, which has been specially blended for enjoyment before, during, or after any meal. Particularly useful to help reduce morning sickness during pregnancy for Mum, and to ease any digestive discomfort or colic in baby.
Understated, minty and gentle on the stomach. Bon Apptit!
Ingredients- Peppermint* Chamomile* Fennel* Lemonbalm*
*Certified Organic

Immunity- for Mum & Bub
Feeling a little stampeded by life Revive, renew and revitalise with this unique blend of Eucalyptus, Echinacea, Lemon Myrtle, Licorice and Ginger. A healthy and refreshing tea to help chase away the winter sniffles for both Mum and bub.
Ingredients-Echinacea* Eucalyptus Lemon Myrtle* Licorice* Elder berries* Elder flowers* Rosehips* Ginger*
*Certified Organic

Calming- For Mum & Bub
An exquisite, soothing tea combining Chamomile and Limeflower with Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon. The perfect way to relax and unwind during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Pure bliss for both Mum and bub!
Ingredients- Chamomile* Lime flowers Passionflower* Vanilla bean* Cinnamon* *Certified Organic
Nursing For Mum during breastfeeding
Creating harmony between Mum and baby during breastfeeding is key and this specialised Nursing formula, that helps to promote healthy milk flow, will help to achieve this.
Ingredients- Alfalfa* Aniseed* Fennel* Goats Rue* Nettle* *Certified Organic

* Disclaimer: Consult your Doctor or Naturopath if you have any health concerns. Do not take remedially.

*Available in-store and online retail, needs barcode