Copy of Our Story

Somethings Brewing at Byron Bay Tea Company

I sound like an absolute dag but I love herbs and always have! I have always been interested in Natural Medicine and the healing power of herbs and I wanted others to experience their benefits. I felt like there was a gap in the market in 2004 when all you could find on a supermarket shelf was plain Chamomile or Peppermint tea. I observed that many people were interested in drinking them for their health benefits but didn’t really enjoy the flavours.

My idea was to create a range of blended and organic herbal teas for health. Herbs were blended with other natural and exotic ingredients such as vanilla bean, berries, and spices to create unique and delicious flavours. This was a way that people could access herbal medicine “off the shelf” without having to consult a Naturopath. It was also a more enjoyable way to take medicine by drinking tea rather than taking horrible tasting potions prepared by a Naturopath.

Our Brand Revitalisation

In 2004, at a little market stall in Byron Bay, I had to overcome the perception of herbal blends being “hippy” or “psychedelic” drugs! Our branding has not changed much since that point in time, but the herbal market has become a mainstream and sophisticated industry.

It was a big decision to revitalise the brand. We are still the same business that our loyal customers have continued to support and love. However, we needed to communicate our ethos more effectively than we were with our older branding. It has been quite the journey of inspiration and we would like to share with you our journey so that when you look upon our new branding while sipping on your tea, you will be transported to the healing and magical place of Byron Bay.


Our Manifesto

Byron Bay is simply a really special place with healing magic emanating from the land. We’ve combined our love of teas with the best and freshest ingredients we can find, whilst honouring the rich history of tea across cultures. Our teas combine both the medicinal benefits of plants with the flavours that mother nature provides. Our ethos and philosophy is centred around improving the wellbeing of the individual as well as the planet. It’s a product we’re really proud of. We’re humbled to be able to bring a little slice of our paradise to the world in our healing range of teas.





Our Logo

The thinking behind this icon is based upon Byron’s most famous geographical asset – the beach. We have used the idea of the sea meets the land to form the B as the primary brand symbol. The curved arches represent both the waves rolling in to meet the land and the two bays either-side of the headland. The vertical lines represent the land. The use of negative space is equally as important - adding to the abstract form of the B. The contrast of curves and sharp angles give it a contemporary edge without playing into any particular design trends - allowing for a visual that will stand the test of time. This icon is quietly confident and easily identifiable. It is clean, premium – yet unpretentious – and aligns BBTC perfectly with your ideal suppliers (resorts and trendy cafes/retail stores) and will appeal to your desired target customer.


Our Packaging

Graphic but organic shapes and forms reflecting the elements of Byron and the ingredients in a pared-back style. Linework represents the shapes of the land and sea paying homage to Byron Bay’s natural beauty.

An abstracted version of the ocean shoreline where the image has been inverted and uses a stipple pattern to create a modern interpretation of the dot style Aboriginal art is best known for. A tribute back to the indigenous cultures of the Bundjalung people, Arakwal and Minjunbal clans. By using this style the pattern takes on a uniquely Australian feel. The layers of the water are amplified and in this simplified form reference the ocean, shoreline, and mountains of Byron Bay.