Autumn Gift Collection Gifts Byron Bay Tea Company
Autumn Gift Collection Gifts Byron Bay Tea Company

Autumn Gift Collection

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Autumn: The Traditionalist

Inspired by Byron Bays Belongil Beach this is a selection of Saritas top 4 teas for AUTUMN. Autumn is a time for our bodies to harvest and gather energy for the colder months ahead. Naturally, it is a time of less activity where there is more emphasis on nurturing and supporting the body- with a particular emphasis on the digestive system and lungs. This is the perfect pack for the more traditional tea drinker.

Includes- English Breakfast, Green, Ginger Zing, Digest

Contents- 245g (Net 8.64 Oz),
140 cups, 4 small boxes

This is a traditional blend of the finest quality Assam and Ceylon black teas, which have been carefully combined to create a fully aromatic infusion with a rich, balanced flavour. The perfect start to your day.
Ingredients: Black Tea

This Organic Sencha Green is a large-leafed green tea and a beautiful light green colour when steeped. It is light and refreshing with a brisk taste.
Ingredients: Green Tea* (Camellia sinensis)
*Certified Organic

Lemongrass & Ginger
Cleanse and uplift with lemongrass, while enjoying the piquant and revitalising properties of ginger. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sour and mildly pungent flavours are most beneficial during Autumn- making this tea the perfect pick that will also help to clear the lungs and promote healthy digestion.
Ingredients- Lemongrass*, Ginger* * Certified Organic

Peppermint blend
A light, refreshing infusion featuring Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Fennel, which has been specially blended for enjoyment before, during, or after any meal. Understated, minty and gentle on the stomach. Bon Apptit!
Ingredients- Peppermint* Chamomile* Fennel* Lemonbalm*
Certified Organic